Online Application System academic year

University of Silesia in Katowice

Information for foreigners

How to apply for studies?

The application for studies is conducted through our Online Application System.

The candidate:

  1. Creates an account in the Online Application System.
  2. Fills in all required fields.
  3. Specifies what documents he holds.
  4. Chooses the intended programme of studies.
  5. Uploads the scans of required documents into the system.
  6. Pays the registration fee into the individual account in the application system.
  7. Takes the Polish language exam or uploads the scan of proper language certificate.
  8. When the application is complete the candidate awaits the decision on acceptance for studies.

What documents do I need to undertake studies?

The list of required documents may be found on our website: and

I have been "accepted". What does this mean?

This is great news! Accepted candidate may be enrolled for studies on the University of Silesia. The enrollment happens when the candidate submits all his required documents in the faculty's Dean's office.

When to submit the documents?

The dates of submitting the documents may differ depending on the study programme. The information about submission deadlines are in the Timeline section in programme's description. Foreigners who cannot submit the documents in the indicated dates must contact the Faculty Recruitment Team.